If you want to help someone quit smoking, then you probably have some questions about how to go about it. This guide will help you understand the quitting process and how you can assist, and hopefully it will answer most of your questions about how you can help someone quit their addictive habit.

While many people try to quit and fail, it is certainly possible for someone to successfully quit. But it is not an easy process, and if they are going to succeed, they will likely need support from their friends and family. People who care about them and who are close to them will be able to have the most persuasion on their quitting, but the key factor to remember is to stay in contact with them while they are trying to quit.

The principles below can be applied to any type of nicotine addiction, including when someone you love is using electronic cigarettes with nicotine-infused vape juices or e-liquids.

How Can I Help Someone Quit?

Cigarette smoking comes with both physical and emotional addictions. So quitting is rarely easy, but it can be made easier if the person trying to quit has some help. You can really support them by keeping them away from cigarettes. Many people go to some sort of retreat or remote location to get away from cigarettes. This makes it very difficult for them to buy cigarettes and keeps them away from influences that remind them of smoking, which the best vapes can sometimes do, precisely because they are so similar to smoking.

This can help with the physical urges, but the emotional ones may be harder to control. If your friend slips back into smoking briefly, then you still need to encourage and not berate. Don’t call out the slip-ups, but provide support. If you make your friend upset about their progress and depressed, then it will make it harder for them to resist their emotional urges for cigarettes.

It is very important to keep up a rapport with the person trying to quit in their initial stages. Make sure you are available for them to talk to and that they know you are willing to help. They will be suffering withdrawal symptoms, and it can help them to have someone to tell about what they are experiencing. Be sure to stay supportive and try not to preach to them or scold them, even when they fall back on smoking again. Instead, offer encouragement and tell them how proud you are of their willingness to quit and what they have accomplished so far.


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