Looking for a cheaper JUUL alternatives

Looking for a cheaper JUUL alternatives people are at a risk of getting a knock-off. Know how to identify them to avoid puffing from hazardous products. And still, some “Juul killers” even can beat the main hero at its own ring.

JUUL alternatives: how JUUL’s popularity and dominance are threatened by the presence of good alternatives
Juul alternatives that don’t suck

Suorin Edge
Lost Vape Orion
Kandypens Rubi
Kwit Stick
SMOK Infinix
Aspire 2
Vladdin RE
Suorin Drop
Mi Pod

Fake JUUL products: is it possible to identify fake JUUL and differentiate it from the original one?
Are fake JUUL pods safe?

JUUL has been a dominant player in the e-cigarette space for a long time now. It has been popular across different age groups in the United States. So far, the JUUL pod enjoys the lion share in the e-cigarettes market. Thanks to its popularity, more similar pod systems and vape products have been innovated to rival it. This is a good thing because new innovations encourage healthy competition that ensures sustained quality of products. Unfortunately, however, some unscrupulous manufacturers are taking advantage of JUUL’s popularity to counterfeit JUUL and dupe customers.

Despite the competition from rival alternative products, the market has also had to grapple with fake JUUL. The JUUL killers are counterfeit products that imitate the appearance of the original products.
JUUL Alternatives

The JUUL killers are counterfeit products that imitate the appearance of the original products.
JUUL Alternatives

If the JUUL has remained so popular to this day since its invention, why does its traditional clientele need alternatives?

JUUL manufacturers have kept releasing a variety of great flavors but on the downside, the pod is a closed system which limits a vape user to only what is provided by the manufacturer.
Another disadvantage of using the JUUL is that it is not possible to refill the JUUL pods which means that you incur expenses in pod replacements.
JUUL pod sizes are another limitation. The pods are not sufficiently big and have to be replaced often.
With a pod capacity of 0.7ml, some users experience fewer puffs (about 200) than they would wish. However, at a nicotine concentration of 56mg/ml, a user will get a kick with fewer puffs from a JUUL.
The JUUL’s battery capacity is rated 200mAh which means that the battery life is annoyingly much less compared to some vape pens.

With plans to make lower nicotine pods, this may open up its share in the market further, but time will tell if the closed pod system stays attractive to vapers.

Trusted JUUL Alternatives

Given the various factors highlighted, there are JUUL competitors offering a good replacement. The JUUL alternatives discussed here aren’t necessarily perfect but are probably equally good or even better. After all, variety is the spice of life.
Suorin Edge Pod System – A Sleek and Lightweight Device with Removable Batteries


The Suorin Edge has a unique design – coming with a removable 230mAh battery that you can trade in or out when they are dead or running low. Its charging system, which is USB C, is also nice – charging the battery quickly in around 30 minutes or less. This pod system has a working voltage of 3.3 to 4.2 volts and a maximum output wattage of 10 watts.

The pod it comes with has a 1.5mL juice capacity and features a special horizontal 1.4-ohm coil atomizer with organic cotton. With this device, you can expect satisfying hits, great vapor production, and phenomenal flavor, what makes it a great juul alternative.

The Suorin Edge bears similar dimensions as the Juul; its slim enough design allows it to both fit perfectly in your pocket and be as easy to carry around as the Juul. The Suorin Edge comes with removable batteries and refillable pods unlike the Juul – giving you more power and versatility.
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Lost Vape Orion Q Pod System — The Modern Advancement of Vaping Technology


The Lost Vape Orion Q Pod Device utilizes Lost Vape’s advanced chip, which makes it a spectacular and complex device as it allows the vape to have power regulations, micro adjustments, and output modes. It has three standard outputs which are low, medium, and high that is indicated by a white light, a blue light, and a red light, respectively.
This pod device has a maximum wattage output of 17 watts and a 3mL refillable pod cartridge design. Its internal 950mAh battery is rechargeable and would last for about 450 puffs per charge. The device comes with 2 coils, a 0.25 ohm and a 0.5 ohm, a vapor-focused and a flavor-focused one, respectively.

The Lost Vape Orion Q Pod Device is a hybrid device and could be used for both salt and freebase nicotine – adjusting the wattage depending on the type of juice that you are using while the Juul only makes use of cartridges filled with salt nicotine with a strength of 5% (3.5%).
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KandyPens Rubi

Juul alternative Kandypens-Rubi

Like the JUUL, the KandyPens Rubi is draw activated. It has been stylishly designed with and appears very sleek. It beats the JUUL with its open pod which makes it accommodate different kinds of e-liquids, unlike the popular pod where one is limited to the non-refillable proprietary pods. This KandyPens pod vape is also leak proof which enhances its solid performance. It packs a 280mAh battery which lasts longer than that of a JUUL. This means that a user will not have to keep recharging it at annoying short intervals.

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Kwit Stick Pod System – Like a Juul, but on Steroids

kwit stik

Aspire’s flagship pod system, the Kwit Stick, features an integrated 230mAh battery and has a draw-activated firing mechanism. This pod system has an output voltage range of 3.2 to 4.2 volts and a maximum output wattage of 5 watts.
It has a pre-filled pod that could be refilled with today’s best nicotine salts up to 2 times, which has a 1mL juice capacity. With a simplistic yet elegant design, it is perfect for on-the-go usage and also fits comfortably in the hand. On a single charge, its 230mAh battery is capable of lasting up to 100 puffs. The device also never leaks – even at high altitudes.

The Kwit Stick has the same form factor as the Juul, its draw is less restricted and its hit is quite different as it’s got a warmer one. The Kwit Stick comes with refillable pods while the Juul doesn’t – this gives the Kwit Stick an edge as you get more freedom in choosing nicotine salt flavors.
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SMOK Infinix

JUUL Alternative Smok

Unlike many e-cigarettes, the SMOK Infinix has a cube body that makes it quite easy to hold. Thanks to its dual air-driven pods, a vaper is bound to experience a dense vaporous puff. It has refillable pods that give users the autonomy to use e-liquids of their choice. Compared to the JUUL, the SMOKIN Infinix delivers more puffs at full charge owing to its battery capacity of 250mAh coupled with a higher capacity pod of 2ml.

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Aspire Breeze 2

My blu Von Erl Aspire Breeze2

The first thing that will catch someone’s eye from this e-cig is its ergonomic design. A lot of detail has been put into the design. A vaper has the option of choosing from either a 2ml or a 3ml pod. These pod sizes are much bigger compared to those of the JUUL. The Aspire Breeze’s overall strength, however, lies in its powerful battery. At 1000mAh, one will probably not find any other e-cigarette that can match its battery life. A vaper gets to enjoy a long vaping experience. The pods are also easy to refill. It also features a U-tech coil technology which contributes to a flavor-rich taste.
With seven different colors to choose from, including the unique color combos of rainbow and camo, one will be spoilt for choice.

Vladdin RE – An Extremely Slick Pod System

Pod Mods and Nic Salts Device

The Vladdin RE is an easy to use, portable, and refillable top-fill pod system that achieves efficient and consistent delivery, thanks to its controlled power. Inside the device is a patented ceramic coil. The device and the pod is connected magnetically, unlike the Juul.
It has an output voltage of 3.5 volts and a maximum output wattage of 12 watts. The cartridge (or the pod) has a juice capacity of 1.5mL. The Vladdin RE is draw-activated and a white LED light illuminates as you puff. The cloud it produces is pretty decent for its size. With its patented ceramic coil, the pod system produces great flavor and a good throat hit, too.

Compared with the Juul, the Vladdin RE sports a slicker design with its curved metal body together with a mouthpiece that looks good and feels great in the hand. Unlike the Juul, the Vladdin RE is refillable and delivers a lot more vapor. This pod system’s battery life is vastly superior to the Juul, too.

Suorin Drop

My blu Von Erl Suorin Drop

The Suorin Drop is among the most uniquely designed e-cigarettes. Its tear-drop design is very attractive. Unlike the JUUL, it has a refillable pod which makes you save money in pod replacement costs. Another unique thing about the Suorin Drop is that it is possible to vape while it is still charging; a functionality that lacks in some e-cigarettes. It is slightly less than three inches, which makes it rest well in a user’s palm. The Suorin Drop is made of quality materials including a zinc alloy. It has a casing made from a silicone rubber. It is leakproof and delivers a very satisfying vaping experience.
At 300mAh, the Suorin Drop’s battery has a long life at full charge. Halo presesnts Suorin Drop with battery recharge time is also impressive at 45 minutes.

Mi-Pod – An Ultra-Portable Starter Kit


Smoking Vapor’s Mi-Pod features an integrated 950mAh high-drain lithium battery together with an internal atomizer (1 ohm) that implements Smoking Vapor’s patented OAS (Oil and Air Separated) system. It has a voltage-based output with an output voltage range of 3 to 4.2 volts.
The device’s pod has a 2mL juice capacity and comes in a numerous color configuration. This device’s pods come with silicone inserts that reduce the airflow when inserted in the airflow channel – changing the draw slightly and making it a loose mouth-to-lung vape from a restricted direct-to-lung one. This device delivers very good flavor and produces a surprising amount of vapor.

Mi-Pod’s airflow can be said to be better than that of the Juul’s – it gives vapers the ability to hit mouth-to-lung vapes as well as big and airy direct-to-lung. Unlike the Juul, the Mi-Pod’s pods have a higher juice capacity of 2mL and are refillable, giving you a wide range of flavor choices as opposed to the very limited choices that the Juul has.

SMOK Mico 26W – An All-in-One Ultra-Portable Pod System

Smock Mico

The SMOK Mico sports multi-colored resin panels in several stunning designs. It has an integrated 700mAh rechargeable battery (with an intelligent LED light battery indicator) and is fully draw-activated. This device also has a suite of safety precautions. This pod system has an input voltage range of 3.3 to 4.2 volts and an output voltage range of 3 to 4 volts.
It has an output wattage range of 10 to 26 watts and a juice capacity of 1.7mL. It comes with 2 types of coils, a 1ohm regular coil and a 0.8ohm mesh coil, which are for standard use and for a cloud-focused atomizing option, respectively.

The SMOK Mico’s shape is incomparable to that of the Juul’s as it bears a completely different one – it is like a square. This pod system’s cartridge is refillable unlike that of the Juul – which is only replaceable and will cost you more money in the long run. It also has a bigger battery than the Juul.
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Fake JUUL — How to identify a Counterfeit JUUL

According to some vapers, there are several ways one can identify a JUUL killer.

One of the ways to identify fake JUUL pods is in the way a cap holds onto a pod.
Notably, the cap on a JUUL killer is usually loose fitting.
Also, the LED lights also behave abnormally.
For example, a vaper notes that the lights tend to flash several times after one has fitted the pod.
The LED light intensity or brightness might also differ from that of an original JUUL.
Another way to identify fake JUUL is in the taste.
A vaper on Reddit noted that a fake JUUL tastes ‘burnt’.

This implies that the flavors from a JUUL will taste different from that of an original Juul. Also, despite the fact that different vendors price JUUL differently, incredibly cheap JUUL may turn out to be fake. Juul is actively trying to do something about it and has recently gotten a restraining order against Chinese Juul counterfeiters.
Part of the reason that teens are able to get Juul sticks so easily is that the counterfeiters are not asking for an age requirement to buy them. Especially since they are mainly being sold on eBay.
Are fake JUUL pods safe?

Fake Juul pods may not be safe. Some users have reported leakage in some pods they believe are fake. Keep in mind that someone does not know what the unscrupulous manufacturers put in the e-liquids such leakages may be hazardous and harmful. Not to mention the dangers of inhaling vapor from the fake JUUL pods. Using a counterfeit vape pen can be downright dangerous so it pays to take heed of this information to not end up with a fake.

For Juul users, there is a need to be on the lookout for Juul killers because their safety is not guaranteed. Vape user forums on sites like Reddit can help in the sharing of information to stay safe from the fake JUUL. Juul users have a way to hold onto their device for a long time through customization; all thanks to the skins and wraps.

With all these alternatives in the e-cigarette market, competition with Juul has been taken a notch higher. Some of these Juul alternatives spot some very unique and impressive designs. Thanks to bigger pods, others tend to deliver more puffs than a Juul. Usage times have also emerged as another critical aspect of the competition. Some manufacturers are now engineering high capacity batteries to ensure that vapers have a seamless vaping experience.


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