Why to Vape Vitamins?

For those who enjoy using e-cigarettes and vaporizers, vitamin-based e-liquids are a boon—an easy way to ensure they are getting their daily vitamins and minerals in an simple, inhalable form that is easier to consume than vitamins in pill form. Some of these e-liquids even come with disposable vaporizers.

Vitamin Vape Regulations

But while increased vitamin consumption in the population can only be a positive, the FDA is conflicted on how to regulate this new kind of vitamin. Because e-liquid vitamins do not contain tobacco products, they cannot be regulated in the same way that electronic nicotine systems or e-liquids containing tobacco are.

Vitamin Vaping Devices

Vitamin e-liquids themselves fall under the category of supplements, according to the FDA, and supplements are not regulated prior to going to market, allowing all companies interested in selling vitamin e-liquids to do so without fear of FDA regulation. The e-cigarettes and vaporizers used to inhale the vitamins, however, could be reviewed by the FDA on a case by case basis if they have the potential to deliver nicotine via e-liquid.

Because of the potential for FDA regulation, if vaping companies market their vitamin e-liquids for use with traditional e-cigarettes or vaporizers, companies should therefore focus on developing e-cigarettes and vaporizers that are specific to vitamin e-liquids. Doing ensures that their products get to the market faster since their products are not regulated; the practice will also expand vaping companies’ product ranges to appeal to customers who might not be interested in traditional tobacco vaping, but would be interested in vitamin vaping.

So, Can I Vape My Vitamins?

For now, creating and selling e-liquid vitamins and devices associated solely liquid vitamin consumption is legal and unregulated. Companies sell everything from B12 vaporizers to vitamin e-liquids infused with essential oils, giving users plenty of options to find the vitamin vaping liquid and device that best suits their needs.


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