E-liquid flavors are coming under a lot of scrutiny recently, especially in the US IN EUROPE maximum 20 mg, where the wide range of options available to consumers is discussed as if it’s a trap designed to lure youth into nicotine addiction. But this view ignores the fact that the vast majority of vapers are smokers looking to reduce the harm of their nicotine use, and that flavors are a crucial factor in the appeal of vaping to adults. At the Global Forum on Nicotine in Warsaw last weekend, the UK-based charity the New Nicotine Alliance warned that banning flavors could be detrimental to public health.

Understanding why this is the case offers an important insight into why vaping has taken off in the way it has: in a nutshell, it is a consumer-driven phenomenon. And, above all, it’s fun.

Quitting Smoking and the “Aaah” Moment of Finding the Right Flavor

Quitting smoking isn’t easy. The majority of quitting approaches available to smokers today aren’t effective for the majority of smokers, and even worse, many smokers opt to quit “cold turkey” and shun approaches that could improve their chances of stopping smoking.


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